5 Unlikely Tips for Holiday Peace of Mind

The holidays are now upon us like ravenous yogis on the Whole Foods salad bar at lunchtime, and you may already be feeling the pressures of the season. The list of tips below was designed help you not only enjoy the holidays more while they're here, but to help you make it through December without having a Snowman-style meltdown.

1. Practice Mindful Eating. The simple act of pausing to notice when you're full during a meal can prevent over-eating (and the post-dinner blues.) So go ahead, dominate that pecan pie - just dominate mindfully.

2. Practice Abundant Giving. It might seem counter-intuitive, but the easiest way to feel abundant this season is to give things away. This includes your time, energy, or even physical items (Yes, it's time to part ways with the Snuggie.) Non-attachment comes easy when you're accustomed to giving endlessly.

3. Meditate. This is a no-brainer (horrible pun intended.) When you're about to drive to work (or home, or the zoo, or your dear sweet grammy's house), sit for five minutes before putting your key in the ignition. No need to stop thinking (that's impossible anyway): Just notice your thoughts as they come and go, notice your breath, notice the sensations in your bodacious bod, and notice how awesome you feel when you open your eyes.

4. Recharge Often. Although we usually associate the season with eggnog and cheer, all the hustle and bustle can be depleting and draining. Take time to center yourself and recharge BEFORE you find your battery drained. We're talking about warm baths, creative outlets (building gingerbread interpretations of your favorite celebrity mansions from Cribs included), or yoga.

5. Be Your Rad Self. You've obviously already got this one covered. Just remember to smile knowing that with all its stress, the season provides a great time to reflect on your year, express gratitude for your triumphs and challenges, and build a wicked igloo bigger than your neighbor's.

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