A Yogi Wedding

I was recently fortunate enough to officiate the wedding of two dear friends of mine, whom I met through my meditation classes. Despite my anxiety about being able to eloquently contribute to their special day, the ceremony was beautiful and I went home that evening with an overflowing heart. Below* is the transcript from the ceremony - I hope you enjoy sharing in their celebration of love!

* Note that names have been removed for the bride & groom's privacy.

A Yogi Wedding Ceremony

I’d like to start by taking a moment to acknowledge the friends, family and loved ones who have traveled from near and far to be a part of the celebration today. Would the bride and groom please turn to face their guests?

For just a moment, I request that you begin to let all of the stresses of planning fall away, and look out at those who love you so much. Enjoy the warmth of gratitude and comfort as you gaze over this sea of loving faces. Memorize this moment so that you may remember it always.

To the friends and family here today, I ask that you now please stand.

Each of you has played an important role in bringing the bride & groom to this moment. Together, you form a community of support for this couple as they step forward into the world together. Through your presence here, you are making a promise to always offer your love and encouragement. May you stand together for them always, as you stand together now. Please take a moment to reflect on this promise, and be seated.

* * *

My name is Bridget Regan, and I am a meditation teacher. I have been fortunate enough to get to know the bride and groom from the classes they’ve attended, and I consider myself privileged to now call them my friends.

I remember the day that I met them. They walked into the studio where I was about to teach, and I can honestly say that I’d never seen such a bright-eyed, beautiful couple. Even then, the love they had for each other was apparent. They sat closely side-by-side during the class, peaceful and still. I knew from the first time that I met them that they shared something special. There was never a class that they weren’t sitting side-by-side, sometimes even hand-in-hand.

Over the next several months, I remember the milestones – the groom telling me that he and his beautiful fiancé were expecting; our bride asking me for a mantra to use during childbirth, and eventually, asking me to officiate their wedding.

It was through these months that it really struck me the life that this couple had chosen to live with one another, a life which they were already living – one of presence, of loving awareness, and of undying commitment for their growing family.

I am honored to bear witness to their union today.

Friends, family, and loved ones, we have come together today to celebrate love, and also to celebrate unity: two souls coming together as one, committing to one another to remain loyal and faithful through whatever might come. This day marks an agreement between these two souls, fully accepting of one another; souls connected by the collective decision to grow together through struggle and triumph.

Many words have been spoken about love, but perhaps most notable are those regarding unity. When two violins are placed in a room together, if a string on one violin is plucked, the other violin will echo that same note. In much the same way, love is the realization of oneness with another; it is the manifestation of a very real, though invisible, connection. Through love, there is no longer any separation, and therefore no judgment. There is no with or without, no better than or less than. Through this realization, we learn that love gives us the freedom to truly be ourselves, always supported and uplifted by the one we love. Just as it was the bride & groom’s deep connection to one another that I noticed first about them, I hope that they may walk together from this day forward, still hand-in-hand, deeply connected and deeply committed, honoring and protecting one another.

As a meditation teacher, I often ask my students to consider what they are resting their attention on, and what they spend the majority of their time focusing on. I ask this because our attention is a tangible measure of our love. Whatever or whomever receives our time and attention, becomes our center of gravity - becomes the focus of our life. My hope is that this couple may always find their centers in one another; that they may consider one another to be “home,” no matter where this life may lead them.

[To the bride and groom] Please join hands, and look into each other’s eyes. Remember that when we look into a loved ones’ eyes, our heartbeats synchronize until they are beating in unison.

May you wear these rings as an undying promise of each others’ love. Just as a ring has no beginning and no end, may your love last all the rest of your days. Through the inevitable ups and downs, remember that love is the beginning of the journey, its end, and the journey itself, never faltering, no matter what comes. Each day as you look down at these symbols of unity and loyalty, may you always remember these words:

“In all the world, there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world, there is no love for you like mine.”

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