Blue Duo

There are currently two "quick fixes" that I'm obsessed with: gold spray paint (more on that later), and reupholstery. There's just something so satisfying about scouting out furniture at vintage shops, garage sales and swap meets, and making the pieces really feel like yours.

That's what I did with these two mid-century club chairs. I purchased the pair from a Craigslist seller for $140 but we weren't crazy about the robin's-egg-blue color, especially since we just moved into a new apartment with walls that had been painted baby blue.

Enter: The Reupholsterer. This was a relatively simple project, but I didn't want to risk testing my non-existent reupholstery skills on these chairs when the wicker was so delicate and easily broken. So we stopped by a fabric shop and found a blue velvet that we loved, and dropped the chairs off at an upholsterer nearby that got great Yelp reviews. Two days later, we picked up the chairs along with a few textured throw pillows from Target, and voila! I think it's a definite upgrade - the darker blue really brings out the warmth in the wood, and makes the chairs look much classier.


photo 2(2).JPG