Fill What is Empty

Lately I'm fascinated with the "bright spot" theory. Discussed in the book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard and applicable to business, government, social issues, relationships, and life, this theory states that instead of finding what's broken and fixing it, you should instead find what's working and duplicate it.

This is the idea of positivity applied to problem-solving. The bright spot theory gives us hope when we can't find what's broken, or when we find it, but don't seem to have any duct tape on hand.

When you're feeling a sense of loss, of being broken, of lack, or of heartbreak, it's important to remember all that you're grateful for. It may seem oxymoronic, but knowing how much we have can help make a painful void feel a little more bearable.

So this week, don't just momentarily dwell on the things you're thankful for. Search deeply for these things and duplicate them. Take action. Clone the abundant areas in your life, and fill the voids. Gratitude is a dynamic tool for growth, not just a static feeling of appreciation. Even in darkness we can be grateful for the stars.

"As you breathe each moment in and out, look to your soul and see what's inside. What is abundant in your life right now? What are you grateful for? What do you need more of? As the answers flow to you, fill what is empty and empty what is full." - David Ji
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