Gently Down the Stream

Let's try a shift in consciousness, shall we? For a minute, believe that the world you see is the dream. The world within - our true nature, the essence, the source, the part of us that is completely pure and present - this is reality. This is all that actually exists.

All the figments of our imaginations live in the dream-world that we see: Our fears, our doubts, drama, jealousy, despair, superficial happiness and attachment. And our egos thrive on this external world and the constant desire to control it. Realize the dream, defeat the ego.

Everything that we know that truly matters deep down lives in our inner reality: Love, peace, true prosperity, insight, intuition, joy.

What projection are you living in? What world do you call home? In what plane do you deliberate and base your decisions on? The dreamworld you see with your eyes, or the true world you feel in your heart? If you limit your beliefs to the finite external world, you miss out on the infinite nature of what's within.

We all have an inner sense of what's right and wrong for us - a gut feeling. Consider that your intuition, your gut feeling, is the only thing that is concrete and real. Imagine that you trusted it without a doubt. Imagine that you completely trusted the silent voice that tells you your calling. Imagine that you followed this call without a second thought, and instead doubted the outer world that you see with your eyes. How would this change the way you live? The way you feel? The way you love?

Merrily, merrily...

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