Letting Go, Yoga Style

If you practice yoga, you've probably heard it: "Savasana is the most challenging pose." (For those of you that don't practice, allow me to enlighten you. Not impressed? Read on.)

I had always thought that this was said because in this pose you're meant to be completely present and to calm the mind, and that's partly true. But the real challenge of the pose is the surrender. You're surrendering your entire weight to the earth and surrendering your active practice to completion and stillness. It is meditation of the body. It is the embodiment of serenity.

Surrender is just as challenging off of the mat. Complete surrender - when you have entirely detached from expectations and judgments of yourself and others - is possibly the most difficult process to achieve in this life, but one I believe we should strive for. To surrender to your grief is to be with the pain of heartbreak or of loss instead of resisting it, questioning it, antagonizing it. It is knowing that your time for joy will come again. If you are struggling to control situations in your life, surrender to a higher power, any higher power, and allow things to fall as they will.

Surrender can also mean shedding a layer of ourselves that is no longer reflecting who we truly are. It may be a friendship that has been draining us, or a recurring drama in our lives that we've had enough of. Surrender can be our sanctuary when we have no strength left to decide and no energy left to fight. And surrender sometimes doesn't mean making a choice one way or the other - it is simply allowing the currents to take you and having faith that you will rise up again. To surrender is to cease the struggle. It is rest. It is flow. It is grace.

And that to me is sacred, on the mat or off. Namaste.

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