Moments of Joy

Happiness is a superstition
but Joy is our birthright
Happiness comes from getting
what you want
Joy from being
who you really are
The deeper
you go
the less definable
you become
and the realer
you feel
There is nothing for us to get
and everything for us to be
Joy is who we really are
when we stop pretending
we’re not free
- Joie de Vivre by Stephen Levine

Joy. Play-outside-in-the-mud-in-nothing-but-your-undies (as a kid) joy. Wild-haired, toothy-grinned, who-cares-what-they-think-of-me joy. Work to live, instead of live to work, joy. Laughing so hard you snort. Finding $20 in last year's winter coat. Spaghetti and meatballs and a big old glass of red wine. Mason jars and crusty garlic bread and freshly washed white sheets. Puppies. Babies. Reading outside in the sun. A well-organized, color-coordinated closet... hey, to each her own.

Joy. You already got it; flaunt it

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