Say Yes

Reason #256 To Be Grateful: Be grateful for the things that truly move you. Poet Andrea Gibson has the tendency to move me beyond words, so as an introduction, I'll use an excerpt of her own:

This is for the man who showed me the hardest thing about having nothing
is having nothing to give,
who said that the only reason to live
is to give ourselves away.

So this is for the day we'll quit our jobs and work for something real
and for the ones who've already begun songs that sound something like
people turning their porchlights on and calling the homeless back home.

This is for all the shit we own, and for the day we'll learn how much
we have when we learn to give that shit away.
this is for doubt becoming faith
for falling from grace, and climbing back up.
For trading our silver platter for something that matters
like the gold that shines from our hands when we hold each other

This is for no becoming yes,
for fear becoming trust.
For saying i love you to people who will never say it to us.



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