The Ocean and the Waves

"Give up to grace. The ocean takes care of each wave until it gets to shore." - Rumi

My relocation to San Diego a few years ago brought about a lot of change in myself and my life. And while the mental, professional, spiritual, and relationship changes have by far been the most drastic, the geographical change shouldn't be overlooked. After all, I am 3,000 miles away from "home."

Fact: I live at the ocean now. I've never lived this close to the water. And San Diego isn't just near the ocean... it's consumed by ocean. Beach towns line the coast from Mexico to North County. The surf-life creeps up the sand and into the streets in the form of sunbleached surfers and salty beach bars. Even downtown San Diego cuddles up against the harbor like a needy girlfriend. Ocean is everywhere.

So maybe this is where my recent fascination with ocean grows from. Ocean visuals pool in my meditations, "ocean breath" (yogis, I know you feel me here) is infused into my yoga practice, and ocean metaphors form in my mind constantly while I read and write.

The fascination is this: Something greater than us exists. No matter how in control we think we are, there is something larger leading us. This isn't meant to be taken in a strictly spiritual context, either. Consider: You are greater than your thoughts. You can control what thoughts you choose to entertain. You are greater than your environment. You can control the affect that people have on you. You can absorb their doubt and their negativity with little more than a ripple in your surface, like a pebble into the ocean. This is the essence of ocean in you. You are powerful, inpenetrable, and flow from an unobstructable source. And yet, this source is even greater still.

When we are able to look outside ourselves, we can see that we are part of a larger, much more powerful picture. When we are able to look outside of ourselves and our plans and our worries, we can see that the ocean takes care of each wave until it reaches the shore. If we pause, let go, and allow the ocean to carry us, we might even learn to enjoy the ride.

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