A Serious Case of the Shoes

I'd like to edit the old saying "A woman can never have too many shoes," with: "A woman can never have too much shoe storage." Seriously - I swear the space my shoes take up at home multiplies exponentially every time I get a new pair.

There are plenty of options for storing your kicks, especially if you have a walk-in closet (which I don't) or an unlimited budget (which I do... just kidding.)

But for those of us who aren't millionaires - and who are living in condos built in the 70's that just happen to lack the shoe & clothing storage the average girl needs - my cost-effective solution is... the SHOECASE.


Admittedly, a shoecase will take up a considerable amount of visual space in whichever room you choose to put 'er in. (I chose to put mine around a corner in our bedroom, making it invisible from the doorway.) It's also possible that it won't hold all of your shoes: In my case, I displayed just the pairs that were in great shape and were relatively visually appealling (for example, I left my many pairs of running shoes in the closet, along with anything too strappy or complicated-looking to display.)

This bookcase cost only $30 at Target, holds 24 pairs and took just about an hour to build (compared to the pricier shoe racks that might not blend in with your furniture as nicely.) I chose the dark brown stain so it would match our current bedroom set, but I think this would make quite a lovely shoecase, too, especially if it were spray-painted gold or to match your own bedroom set!

Note: I was in somewhat of a pinch for this particular project (Ben had recently experienced his first taste of high heel; any shoes forgotten on the floor were no longer safe), so my priority was saving time. But if I had to do this project again I would definitely pick up a used bookshelf from a flea market or consignment shop and whip it into shape. Adopting old furniture saves lives, people!

What's your opinion - hide your shoes away, or keep 'em on display?