Bar of Gold

Before moving into the new condo with Allan, I lived in a 1 bedroom, 450 square foot cottage. It would get boiling hot inside in the summer and freezing in the winter, and although I could vaccuum the entire apartment plugged into the same power outlet (yes, that tiny), I loved the place. It was quaint and cozy, and all the space I needed.

Living there, I became skilled at decorating on a miniature scale. My sofa fit snugly between the two walls of my living room, I created a "dining room" separate from the main living space by using a flat screen TV as a room divider, and everything had hidden storage. So it was cramped, but cute-cramped.

At the same time, I'd been dying to get a bar cart but I just didn't have the space or a logical place to put one. But when I saw this one in the clearance section at Ikea, I convinced myself I could find a place for its tiny 18" wide frame.

(You: "That's the ugliest bar cart I've ever seen.")

And it's actually not even a bar cart - it's meant to store toiletries in the bathroom. But take off the plastic storage bin on top, give it a coat of gold spray paint (my favorite is Design Master's Gold Medal, #231 - it has a great brassy finish and no rosey or orange tint), and voila! Mini bar cart masterpiece.

Fast forward to today - we're in the new place where we actually have space to breathe and space for a proper bar, which we set up on a sideboard in the dining room. But since there was no way was I going to part with my cart, I decided to turn it into a candle cart. I love having candles scattered throughout the house, but I also love the look of having them all in one place and being able to wheel the cart from room to room, lighting the combination of candles for the mood I want to create.


Stay tuned for more before/after projects!