Love List

Sometimes I find that there are just too many things that I love and want to share with you. While I can't dedicate an entire blog post to each one, I've decided to provide regular lists of things that make me happy and that I think will make you happy too. Welcome to my first Love List!


1. This sparkly knob from Anthropologie. I'm still not sure what the fate of this side table is, but at least the drawer pull is pretty.

2. You don't need to be a business owner to love Square card reader. I threw a birthday party for my boyfriend last fall at a restaurant where each guest was paying for their meal and drinks, but the restaurant would only provide one check for the entire party. With my Square reader, each guest paid me via credit card at the end of the night, and I paid the single check. It is the EASIEST and most discreet way to handle splitting the bill, plus I felt pretty savvy running transactions with my iPad.

3. These Roasted Coconut chips from Trader Joe's - oh my goodness. The bag says to sprinkle them on ice cream or as a snack, but I'm tempted to pour almond milk in the bag and devour them like cereal. They're that good.

4. This article about decorating with type. As a copywriter by trade, I love words and fonts and this article has some great tips on using them in unexpected ways. (Psst... stay tuned for a sweet typography project that I'll be posting soon!)

5. These creative wine bottles. The quirkiness of the bottle makes them a great hostess gift (extra guest points if you tie a ribbon on it and add in pretty box of the hostess's favorite candy.)