Love List

Up this week: Tiny fruits, a gorgeous candle, and luscious face oil. Enjoy!



1. Until this ampersand finds its new home on the wall in our bedroom (when we're done painting), it does double-duty nicely as a graphic curtain drawback.

2. I'm not one to applaud beauty products often (mainly because I don't use very many on my super-sensitive skin), but this maracuja face oil by tarte is converting me. For the past month or so I've applied just one drop under my eyes before going to bed, and now my eyes appear brighter and more awake in the mornings, and my dark circles (#palegirlproblems) have significantly lightened. The product description says this is because of the fatty acids & vitamin C in the maracuja fruit, and I personally love how moisturizing the oil is without being greasy. Bonus: The jewel-toned bottle and real bamboo cap make it a pretty accessory on your makeup counter.

3. This beveled glass mirror that I found at a flea market was meant to be hung on a wall, but I took off the metal mounting hook, added a few felt pads on the back, and turned it into a bedside catch-all.

4. Mini pineapples make fun toppers for your spring-timey place settings, and double as quirky party favors for your guests.

5. I've long loved Voluspa candles for their gorgeous jars, their air-friendly coconut wax, and their ability to fill a huge room with fragrance, and Crane Flower is no different. The best part: I don't have to feel bad burning through it quickly, because when it's empty the gold jar will become my newest bud vase.