All the People Saying All the Things


If you were to dig deep into this website, you'd see that it's actually pretty old (5 years old to be exact, which is ancient in blog years.) And it's taken different forms over those years: First it was a not-so-personal personal blog, then it was "Modern Meditation," where I would post audio from my weekly guided mindfulness class. Then it became "Mindful.Life.Style," which was my best attempt at blending the two.

But nothing ever really seemed to stick, and I just couldn't figure out what my blog (or whatever it was) was about. I couldn't find a unique voice, and I felt unqualified in any particular subject. After all, what could I possibly write that someone else couldn't? All the people were already saying all the things. 

So I quit. I went back to working a "real" job and even though I was still doing all the things I loved, I just stopped writing about them. And life went on. 

But you know what? There was just one tiny little problem - see, I actually just love to write. I love writing whether it's a blog post, or a headline for a magazine ad, or a half-baked poem scrawled in one of the many notepads in my purse. I feel like writing accesses a buried part of my brain that nothing else does. And yet I had stopped writing, with the exception of what I'd write at work. I'd stopped writing for me...which, as every writer knows, is the best kind of therapy. (Really... try it.)

Luckily, earlier this year, I had a realization: That to have value as a writer, you don't have to do anything other than sit down and write something. You don't have to know what you're about. You don't have to be a subject matter expert in any one thing (or anything at all.) It goes for life too: In order to live a joyful, purposeful life, you don't need to pursue just one passion. You don't have to determine a single calling or purpose to be inspired or fulfilled. For a beautiful life, you just have to live.

Today, this blog is my manifestation of that thought. To share the things that make me happy, to inspire us all to live a little more mindfully, and to cultivate beauty however I can. How exactly this blog will do that - well, that's still to be found. But for now, I write.



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