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What They Don't Tell You About Bikini Competition Prep

It was January 2015 and I was itching for a new challenge. Allan and I were in a pretty good place with our eating habits and were working out pretty consistently, and we had a bit of free time and mental space since both of our jobs were chugging along business-as-usual. So, having always wanted to see what my bod was actually capable of if I put the time and energy into it, I decided to hire a personal trainer...

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Fancy Pants by the Beach

I'd been looking for the perfect opportunity to wear my most favorite leggings in the universe (I mean, THAT PRINT!) and a few months ago, I found just that...


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Butterflies and Bad Ideas

I write words for a living. It's a pretty interesting thing to get paid to do something that a kid with a crayon could do.

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Eating Awareness (It's Delicious)

Today's rant: mindful eating, or "eating awareness" as my homeboy Deepak calls it in his new book, What Are You Hungry For? I'm actually surprised that I've never written on this topic yet. I think it's due to my own naivity...

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Mexican & Mindfulness

You guys. Where did the weekend go? Even with my new resolution to wake up early enough to catch the sunrise on weekends instead of sleeping the morning away, the days still felt too short. I did manage to squeeze in a few of my very favorite things, though: Mexican food and meditation!

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