Brand Book

Brand Book

Brand Book

Brand Book
A Friendly, Fill-in-the-Blank Workbook for Creating Your Brand (2018 Edition)

Brand Book is my no-fuss, DIY guide for creating a brand strategy, writing brand-rich copy, and navigating the landscape of your brand's visual identity. It's over 30 pages chock-full of tips and tricks for creating a smart business name, solid brand positioning, engaging headlines, taglines, mood boards, color palettes, and more.

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Other Resources

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Drip Drop
A pitch deck for a coffee delivery app

Before Starbucks delivered, there was Drip Drop: A simple idea I came up with a few years ago, with the potential to make your mornings just a little better. And while Drip Drop never came to fruition, the business plan will forever live on in this pitch deck.

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Human Doing
Two pitch decks (a short version and a long version) for an online scholarships platform

Human Doing was a labor of love over many years. Starting out as “Wellness Scholarships,” the idea was always the same: To provide people of any age with scholarships for any type of continuing education – not just college. Think yoga teacher trainings, photography courses, cooking school, etc. Human Doing officially launched in 2016, but after many, many months of trial and error, I closed the business due to an inability to find product market fit.